VW Rear View Camera

This video-based parking aid features a reversing camera integrated into your car's tailgate. You can view the electronically enhanced image in your radio or radio-navigation system display. It gives you a better view of what is behind your car and lets you identify any obstacle detected, e.g. children playing. As it allows you to look mainly to the front, your comfort is also improved.


A camera at the back of your car shows you what's behind to make reversing safer and easier.
Our rear view camera lets you spot any obstacles behind your car - even moving ones - quickly and easily, thanks to the camera built into the boot.
The camera starts working as soon as you put your car into reverse gear. It shows the area behind your car on your radio or radio navigation system display offering you a clear reversing image with easy-to-follow guidelines. Superimposed graphic lines guide you to the optimal steering lock, guaranteeing fuss-free, smooth parking.

Using the rear view camera means you'll be able to manoeuvre quickly and easily, even into the most difficult parking space. It also alerts you to low-down obstacles which parking sensors cannot always detect. The reversing camera is also a great help when you're hitching up a trailer.


Visual representation of the rear of the vehicle in the navigation system by way of the integrated rearview camera.
Substantially simplified orientation through the video screen with guiding lines and auxiliary lines moving with the steering input of the vehicle.

Two park modes are available:
Park mode 1 (transverse parking): Suitable for pulling into a parking space transverse to the driving line or driving backwards on a longer entry.
Park mode 2 (longitudinal parking): to park parallel with the driving line along a curb. * On-site professional installation within mainland UK.
3 year parts and labour warranty.


Golf, Golf Gti / GTD / R, Golf Plus, Golf Estate
Passat Saloon, Passat Estate, Passat CC


Automatic switch to rear view camera by reverse gear or by pushing the parking aid button This retrofit will only work for RNS-510 / RCD-510