VW RCD 310 DAB Radio

For endless listening enjoyment on every journey, the RCD 310 DAB MP3 radio, not only takes CDs, but also plays your favourite audio tracks in MP3 format. The RCD 310 MP3 radio also features a MEDIA-IN port for connecting to external audio sources, such as MP3 players, iPods and USB sticks. New RCD-310 offers DAB - digital radio reception.


DAB is the new way to receive radio - in the clearest possible sound

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting. Opt for the DAB digital radio receiver - available as an upgrade for your RCD310 or RCD 510 touch-screen radio system - and you'll have the pleasure of tuning in to every available digital station. Much wider listening choice.

With digital radio, you can get all the digital stations bringing you extra news, sport, music, comedy, drama, children's programmes and more. There's such a wide selection you'll find plenty to suit your own particular interests. And you can also listen to your existing favourites, hiss and crackle-free, in crystal clear digital sound quality. BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 live, the World Service and most BBC local radio stations, for example, are available on DAB. Just use station names

With DAB you don't have to remember frequencies, you can just use the radio station names. All DAB radios have an LCD display, which shows the station you're listening to. Many stations also use this display to transmit other information, such as artist and song, what's coming up next, news headlines, etc.


large LCD screen
Live Traffic Info for UK via build-in RDS-TMC (Radio Data System - Traffic Message Channel) CD / MP3
Displays Radio, Audio (iPod & mp3 tracks), Telephone information on the Driver Information Screen (DIS) if the car is fitted with a Highline computer.
Integration with Multi Function Steering Wheel (where fitted, not all models).
Visual display for optical parking sensors. Optional
DAB digital radio reception SUPERIOR QUALITY
FM/AM Radio Tuner - RDS EON
4 x 6 Radio Station Memory Presets
Radio scan and Station Preset scan
Compact Disc (CD) Player
MP3 / CDR/RW Playback Capability
CD Changer Compatable
Quadlock / Fakra Connections
Aux input (requires additional lead/module)
iPod Compatable (requires additional lead/module)
Red Key Illumination
Bluetooth Audio Compatable (requires additional module)

It also has all the usual VW radio features:
Mix (shuffle/random) play as well as Scan
Gala feature (adjusts volume according to speed/fully adjustable)
Bass/Middle/Treble/Balance/Fader control


Golf, Golf GTI/GTD/R, Golf Plus, Golf Estate
New Beetle, New Beetle Cabriolet
Passat Saloon, Passat Estate, Passat CC
Caddy, Caddy Maxi Van, Caddy Maxi Life
Transporter, Transporter Kombi, Transporter Shuttle


It will not fit in the Polo/Fox/Golf MK4/Sharan/Lupo/T5