VW Optical Parking Sensors

Volkswagen park assist is an optical system, which not only issues acoustic warnings when obstacles are detected, but also a screen report. Measurement is carried out by four ultrasonic sensors concealed in the rear bumper. On the vehicle audio system display, a vehicle body is represented during parking, which indicates various warning symbols.


To alert the driver to obstacles, including ones the driver cannot himself see, the system sounds a warning tone that gets faster the closer the vehicle gets to the obstacle.

More exact and simplified parking
Much better distance control through individual sensor feedback and optical display on screen This set upgrades an existing Acustic Park assist system to Park assist with acoustic and optical display in the vehicle audio system


Sensors colour coded using original manufacturer's paint.
Flush mounted in the bumper.
Internally mounted sensors.
Available for front and/or rear installation.
Adjustable range (if required).
Automatic activation when reversing.
Audible warning using beeps that increase in frequency.
Front sensors de-activate after approx. 6 mph. *(not all cars).
Button for manual de-activation for sensors.
On-site professional installation within mainland UK.
3 year parts and labour warranty.


Golf, Golf GTI / GTD / R, Golf Plus, Golf Estate
New Passat, New Passat Estate, Passat CC
New Sharan
New Pheaton


The head unit VW RNS 510 has to have a software index of at least 1000. Redarding to the OPS function the head unit VW RCD 510 has to have part number 3C8 035 195 Car must have fitted one of the head units VW RCD 310, RCD 510, RNS 510