Skoda Cruise Control


Cruise control makes long journeys safer and more comfortable by regulating your car's speed for you. Our cruise control system works electronically to help regulate your car's speed. It reduces the stress on drivers and offers you more comfort on long journeys by keeping a constant speed. It's particularly effective when you have to stay within speed limits for a long way - when driving through miles of roadwork's on the motorway, for example - and cuts the risk of your speed creeping up by accident. The system works by memorizing and maintaining the speed you select. It's very flexible, too. You can increase or reduce speed manually - to a defined value - and you also have the option of returning to the speed most recently memorized. The cruise control system can be turned off simply by pressing a button or by pressing the brake or clutch pedals. We can retrofit genuine Skoda cruise control to 95% of the vehicle range using genuine parts that fit perfectly.


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