BMW CIC Navigation (Hard Disk Drive)


Cost effective CIC Hard Drive navigation system, which is suitable for almost all of the BMW range please call us for suitability and availability. System includes new screen and navigation main unit with all usual I drive features Keep track of all the important things. The I Drive system from BMW gives the driver complete control over many of the vehicle's functions while allowing him to concentrate on the road.

I Drive is the easiest and most intuitive way to control entertainment, information, communication and navigation functions. The goal is to separate display and steering. The system mainly comprises the Control Display and the Controller in the central console.

The control element was developed according to the most modern biometric principles. It's easy to use and can be operated with one hand without needing to see what you're doing. The four most frequently used functions (CD, radio, telephone and navigation) are assigned to buttons above the Controller. An additional eight buttons located underneath the CD/DVD can be programmed as desired be it with your favourite radio station, CD titles, telephone numbers or destinations. In many BMW models, I Drive is equipped with voice control for an even more comfortable input option.

The height and width of the Control Display are optimally positioned to suit the driver. All the information is displayed in the glare-free, high-resolution screen above the central console. The menu navigation follows the standard method used in computing and can thus be used intuitively. Animations and other visual aids quickly make using BMW I Drive a pleasant everyday activity.